Dentures get the job done, replacing lost teeth. However, they do require you to make some changes in your lifestyle, from oral hygiene to eating meals. For teeth with a more lifelike feel and function, you’ll want to consider full-arch dental implants

The implants are placed using a special technique called All-on-4. It can be performed in your lower jaw, upper jaw, or even both jaws. 

To see if you’re a candidate for this implant treatment, call us today at 508-484-8411 to schedule a consultation in South Attleboro, MA. In the meantime, see some of the reasons so many of our patients love their full-arch implants:

  • Faster Results – This procedure often allows you to get your implants and teeth in one visit. Your dentist will place the four implants, then attach a complete arch of teeth to them. You’ll be able to smile and eat with these teeth while your implants heal. Once healing is complete, you’ll come back to our office for your more permanent replacement teeth.
  • Often More Affordable – Eight implants are normally used to secure implant dentures. Since the All-on-4 treatment uses fewer dental implants, it typically costs less. 
  • Less Stress on Your Jawbone – With four implants, the treatment takes less time. You’ll also heal more quickly.
  • Easy to Care for Replacement Teeth – To clean standard dentures, you’ll need tablets and soaking. But the teeth you receive with an All-on-4 remain fixed in place. You just brush and floss to keep your teeth clean. If any extra maintenance is needed, your dentist can remove the teeth and take care of it. 
  • Lifelike Feel and Function – Unlike standard dentures, you don’t need to worry about embarrassing slips or shifts with these teeth. They won’t move around or feel loose, and you’ll never need adhesive. It will be easier to eat and speak.
  • Younger Appearance – Dental implants don’t just keep your teeth in place, they stimulate new bone growth in your jaw. This prevents unwanted facial changes and keeps you looking younger. 

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