Non-surgical Gum Disease Treatment Restore Your Gum Health
  • Keep your teeth intact by taking action early
  • Relax with a blanket or pillow while we work
  • Trust a dentist with over 30 years of experience

Protect Your Smile With Non-Surgical Gum Disease Treatment in South Attleboro

Good oral health is more than just about your teeth. It’s about your gums, too. When your gums become infected, it can have an impact on your dental health and overall health. That’s why it’s so important to visit us for regular checkups. We can stay on top of this issue in the early stages. If you show signs of an infection, we offer non-surgical gum disease treatment in South Attleboro. It will:

  • Give you back your healthy gums again
  • Help you avoid serious consequences, such as tooth loss
  • Improve the smell of your breath and your gum appearance
  • Restore your confidence in the condition of your smile
  • Make it easier for you to practice your oral hygiene routine

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Achieve Healthy Gums With a Non-Surgical Solution

There are a variety of symptoms of gum disease. You may have red, inflamed, or swollen gum tissue. You may also notice bleeding when you brush or floss. However, you don’t want to wait for this to happen to visit the dentist. Noticeable symptoms usually happen in later stages of the disease.

Whether you have spotted signs on your own or we’ve noticed them during your checkup, we offer a non-surgical solution. Our deep cleaning treatment will eliminate the infection and restore your gum health. Here is what you can expect:

  • We’ll numb your mouth, so you don’t feel a thing. You can also relax with a pillow or blanket to feel at home.
  • We’ll use ultrasonic cleaning tools to get rid of the tartar and plaque near your gumline.
  • Next, we’ll smooth out your exposed tooth roots. It reduces tooth sensitivity and your risk for reinfection.
  • Once complete, we will follow up with a medication that is applied directly to the area of infection.

We may have you return for follow-up appointments to ensure there is no reoccurring disease. Your dentist will discuss what’s necessary during your visit. For more serious infections, we may refer you to a periodontist (a gum specialist). Fortunately, we will refer you to one that is right next door.

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Common Questions About Non-surgical Gum Disease Treatment

What is gum disease treatment?

Gum disease treatment is designed to rid your mouth of built-up tartar, plaque, and bacteria that can wreak havoc on your gums. We’ll first use special instruments to clean around and below your gumline where bacteria have collected. Then we’ll smooth your teeth roots to make it harder for bacteria to grow there. This treatment may need to be repeated every few months for best results.

What causes gum disease?

Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is an infection caused by bacteria in your mouth. Bacteria form a clear, sticky film called plaque that builds up around your gumline, leading to inflamed and infected gums. Left untreated, the infection causes your gums to separate from teeth, creating “pockets” where more bacteria accumulate. In advanced stages of gum disease, the infection spreads from your gums to the bone that supports your teeth. Your teeth will loosen and possibly fall out.

What are gum disease symptoms?

You may not see the signs of gum disease on your own until its advanced stages, which is why it is often referred to as a silent killer. It’s also why your routine dental exams are so important. The earlier you spot periodontal infection, the easier it is to manage and, in many cases, reverse. Common symptoms to look for include red, swollen, tender, or bleeding gums. You may also notice persistent bad breath and even loose teeth.

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